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Reducing the textile industry’s environmental impact must start at the very beginning of the supply chain with the companies who develop and manufacture the many chemicals upon which the industry relies.

As consumer demands for responsible textiles continue to grow, the significant contributions that chemical suppliers can make become increasingly more visible and more valuable to manufacturers, brands, and retailers.

Proactive chemical suppliers who are bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNERS have full access to the resources and expertise they need to develop, manufacture, and provide safe and sustainable chemical products that downstream customers require.

Chemicals Change Management

Bluesign offers you active support for your product stewardship with its services and Cloud Computing Solution. The use of bluesign® APPROVED chemical products and materials increases the safety of products along the supplier chain. In addition, through networking and continuous examination of the individual process steps, risks can be minimized.

Traceability and transparency

The direct traceability of all of the steps in the production and delivery process ensures uniformity for chemical suppliers, and textile and accessory manufacturers as well as consumer product brands. It also minimizes risks and prevents damages to a company’s image. The direct traceability of Bluesign holds each market partner along the textile chain to complete transparency, in order to be able to fulfill the increasing demands on quality and sustainability in textile.

Information based on verified data

The on-site verification of data is Bluesign’s specialty. Paired with a supporting Cloud Computing Solution, this allows for greater efficiency, less risk and sustainable management decisions using the verified data information for Supply Chain Management.
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Bluesign® FINDER

Your easy entry into chemical management 

bluesign® FINDER was established in 2002 for implementing active chemical management in the textile industry. This web-based, advanced search engine for manufacturers contains bluesign® APPROVED chemical products that meet the bluesign® CRITERIA and therefore the highest level of chemical product verification. It also contains all the important information needed to utilize these products in compliance with the bluesign® SYSTEM. The most comprehensive positive list of chemical products is always up to date and provides relevant information to minimize risks for people and the environment as well as improve consumer safety. bluesign® FINDER is the easy solution for managing your responsible chemical sourcing.

bluesign® FINDER advanced is included in the bluesign® SYSTEM service package. As a first step to implementing your chemical change management, Bluesign provides you with access to the basic version of bluesign® FINDER for free:

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