The bluesign® SYSTEM BLACK LIMITS (BSBL) specify threshold limits for chemical substances in finished chemical products, such as auxiliaries or dyes. The compilation of substances in the BSBL is an extract of the bluesign® TOOL. It includes all substances from the publicly available bluesign® system substances list (BSSL), consumer safety limits in which the consumer safety limits for usage bans are defined. BSBL is revised at least once a year.


The bluesign® SYSTEM SUBSTANCES LIST (BSSL), (consumer safety limits) specifies consumer safety limits for chemical substances in articles. Due to the quantity and range of listed substances, BSSL must not be used for confirmation declarations sent out to the supply chain. The combined use of input stream management, a network of SYSTEM PARTNERS that includes chemical suppliers, and a positive list of preferred chemicals ( available through bluesign® FINDER) ensures compliance with BSSL limits. BSSL is revised at least once a year.


The bluesign® RESTRICTED SUBSTANCES LIST (RSL) is an extract of the BSSL, and contains consumer safety limits and recommended testing methods for the most important and legally restricted substances in textile/leather articles and accessories. Brands and retailers can use this RSL as an orientation for the terms and conditions of purchase and together with a testing matrix as a guide for appropriate testing of articles (such as textiles). RSL is revised on the basis of the BSSL.