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What we do and why it matters

The gold standard for more sustainable textiles is blue.

From fiber to finished product, we partner with brands, manufacturers, and chemical suppliers because the world needs safer workplaces and textile products that are less impactful on the environment and people.

Consumers can trust that bluesign labeled textiles and products from the chemical inputs to the final production have met the strictest standards throughout the supply chain.

bluesign® for business

Brands, retailers, manufacturers, and chemical suppliers can transform their supply chain by implementing the bluesign system.

bluesign® for consumers

Choose products that meet the strictest environmental and worker safety standards where you see items with the bluesign® PRODUCT label.

Behind every bluesign®

bluesign® SYSTEM is unique. We proactively eliminate environmentally harmful substances right at the start of the textile supply chain using Input Stream Management to minimize impacts on people and planet.


Every item carrying a bluesign PRODUCT or APPROVED label has been manufactured to strict safety and environmental requirements.
Known as the bluesign CRITERIA, these are the highest standards in the industry.

About our partners

bluesign® is built on a partner network, that stretches from best-in-class chemical suppliers at its foundation, to global brands and retailers at its peak.

Each one of our +800 partners is able to connect to the others, to access products and capabilities that are aligned with bluesign® CRITERIA.

With the collective effort working to the benefit of all, we can together reduce our impact on people and the planet.

A word from our partners


Today, bluesign® PRODUCT labels are present on most  Mammut products. Our approach is essential to helping Mammut meet its ambitious sustainability and climate targets.

bluesign design
bluesign design

Adrian Huber

Head of Corporate Responsibility at Mammut

“The holistic bluesign® approach helps us measure our impact, set clear targets, and reduce our environmental impact significantly where it matters the most; in the dyeing and finishing processes. We are proud to have increased the share of bluesign products to over 60% in the past ten years. Our goal is to achieve 90% by 2025. bluesign® is pivotal in achieving our ambitious sustainability and climate targets.”

Frank Henke

SVP Sustainability Policy & Engagement, Global Legal at Adidas

“I see governments trying to regulate a lot of things I’m not sure if this is the right way forward. I would rather think about how we can incentivize companies to play to their strengths, and to find new ways of collaboration further upstream in supply chains to build a joint responsibility for things to be changed.”

Kerry Bannigan

Executive Director at Fashion Impact Fund

“The Sustainable Development Goals cannot be achieved without the involvement of the fashion industry. Fashion needs a seat at the table when the world leaders meet and high-level convenings occur because when you’re talking about gender equality for example, that is not happening without the fashion industry being put in check.”

Innovations: Working towards the cleanest denim in the world

The bluesign solution for one of the most polluting textiles in the industry.

We are almost 💙blue💙 in the face from excitement to announce the launch of our bluesign Denim Goes Global campaign as we hit events around the world to connect with brands, manufacturers, and chemical suppliers invested in creating a cleaner denim supply chain.

First up Kingpins Amsterdam April 24-25!! 👑 We will have our first "bluesign Talks Series" celebrating our foundational partners across continents, fostering dialogue and collaboration, and showcasing bluesign Denim products. 

Keep an eye out for more updates to come & go to our link in bio and click "bluesign Denim Goes Global" to find out more!
With the launch of @deuter ’s campaign, “Together We Care”, deuter has emphasized that it is using the power of the collective that can move mountains and we couldn’t agree more. That is why we were especially excited to be highlighted in this campaign as one of the integral pieces of the deuter collective.
Seeking sustainable fashion? Look no further! 
Products bearing the bluesign® PRODUCT label adhere to strict safety and environmental standards, ensuring they’re crafted from bluesign® APPROVED materials and chemicals. By choosing these items, you’re supporting eco-friendly production methods that minimize harm to both humanity and the planet. Click the link in bio to have a look!  💙
Excited to dive into the latest episode of the Forever Chemicals Podcast discussing PFAS in outdoor gear. Are these chemicals really necessary in our gear? It’s time to explore sustainable alternatives and make informed choices. Join the conversation using #PFAS #ForeverChemicals #SustainableGear and share your thoughts! Let’s work towards a cleaner, safer future together. 

Listen to bluesign’s Director of Brand Services Kevin Myette now🌿
System Partner Brand @deuter explaining our system: How does the certification journey look like? 🤔 Come along on the adventure to check all the marks and shrink our ecological footprint in the manufacturing process! 👣✔️

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From responsible resource usage to minimized impact on people and the planet, @malojaclothing exemplifies fashion with a conscience. 
Join us in embracing sustainability one stylish step at a time 💙 

Find the bluesign® SHOP button from our link in bio and click on maloja’s logo to shop their gear!

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For those of you that believe your doggos deserve the best, so do we and @ruffwear 💙 Together we work together to create gear for our furry friends that considers environmental impact just as much as performance #happyweekending