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Verify your commitment to more sustainable products

bluesign® is your partner for success in the ever-evolving global market for sustainability solutions. Our experts independently verify environmental claims on your products and business against the bluesign® CRITERIA allowing you to carry our label. Our holistic approach assesses the entire textile value chain with a focus on sustainable chemistry.

bluesign® your business and life

Chemical Suppliers

Verify your products conform to the highest environmental standards.


■  Reduced workload and costs

■  Improved risk management with BSBL, BSSL and RSL

■ Industry recognized standard and label for sustainable chemistry

■ Increase visibility of your bluesign® APPROVED chemicals for manufacturers and brands (available on bluesign FINDER, HIGG and ZDHC)

■ bluesign rated chemicals meet and exceed MRSL V.3 from ZDHC with enhanced Sustainability Attributes


■  Company ASSESSMENT report

■  Gap analysis, roadmaps and progress reports

■  Use of bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER and bluesign® APPROVED trademark

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Assess, quantify, manage & communicate your environmental impacts.


■  Cost efficient,  environmental best-practice transformation

■  Increase visibility of your bluesign® APPROVED fabrics to brands 






■  Company ASSESSMENT report

■  Gap analysis, roadmaps and progress reports

■  Annual Impact Report

■  Chemical Change Management

■  Verified bluesign® CHEMICAL

■  Access to bluesign® APPROVED chemicals in bluesign® FINDER database

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Brands and Retailers

Advance your textile supply chain towards meeting your environmental and social targets


■ bluesign® PRODUCT is a globally recognized label in environmental and social performance

■ Transparency, traceability and performance of the value chain

■ Independent evaluation of all your environmental impacts



■  Brand assessment

■  Annual IMPACT report on defined supply chain

■  Access to bluesign® GUIDE, the largest database for sustainable fabrics

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Shop verified products that meet the strictest standards.


■ Buying bluesign® PRODUCT is your commitment to reducing your impact on people and the planet

■ The bluesign mark signifies a brand's continual environmental improvement

■ The bluesign® PRODUCT label is the guarantee of a product produced with a lower impact on people and the planet

■  bluesign® PRODUCTS: Better chemistry for a cleaner world!


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Product Segments

bluesign® APPROVED consumer products meet the highest environmental standards.


High-tech apparel with low environmental impact


Use bluesign® PRODUCTS for your custom designs


Denim made with the least impact on people and the planet


Create more sustainable products from head to toe

Our Experts

Our textile, chemistry and environmental science experts and scientists are here to support your sustainability goals and ensure regulatory compliance at all stages of the textile supply chain.

Dr. Daniel Waterkamp
PhD Chemical Engineering

Head of bluesign® ACADEMY

Daniel worked in a chemical lab for five years, and as an industrial service manager in Asia. He has been with Bluesign since 2015.

■  Product stewardship

■  Restricted substances management

■  Sustainable chemistry

Fabian Walda
Dipl. Ing. Textile and Clothing

Head of Sustainability Services

Fabian spent four years with an outdoor brand in restricted substance management and has been with Bluesign since 2012.

■  Impact assessments

■  Sustainability management and reporting

■  Sustainability tools

Master of Science

Consumer Safety Expert

Katarzyna studied environmental geoscience and has been with Bluesign since 2013.

■  Consumer safety

■  Regulatory aspects

PhD Chemistry

Senior Expert and Lecturer University of Applied Science Hof

Thomas spent eight years working for a public institute for textile research, and eight years at a private institute for product safety and environmental protection. He has been with Bluesign since 2007.

■  Textile chemistry

■  Regulatory aspects

■  Consumer safety

■  Sustainable chemistry

Dr. Hartwig TewS
PhD Chemistry

Expert for Chemical Substance Evaluation

Hartwig has spent two years in the textile industry, 17 years in the chemical industry (regulatory affairs and product stewardship) and has been with Bluesign since 2014.

■  Chemical substance evaluation

■  Hazard and risk-based assessment concepts

■  Digitalization of substance-related data

Niclette mbala
Master's Degree in Education

Training Manager

Niclette worked in various fields and companies. The last few years, she decided to focus on learning management.

■  Educational management

■  Digital project management

■  Marketing and communication management

Dr. Jeff Yang
PhD Chemistry

Company Assessor

Jeff has worked for four years as a product development manager for coating materials before joining the textile chemical industry.

■  Textile chemistry and polymer chemistry

■  Sustainable chemistry

■  Restricted substance management



Head of Technical Services

Makeba has over ten years of experience in the assessment of chemical products, hazard and risk assessments, and related manufacturing processes, in the context of chemical regulation and product certification.

■ Chemical regulation, labelling, SDS, REACH

■ Product stewardship, product safety

■ Ecotoxicology and environmental fate

Dr. Jimmy LEE

PhD Chemistry

Head of Textile Assessment Asia

Jimmy was a consultant providing consultancy services and technical support to textile, garment and plastic film manufacturers.

■  EHS audit

■  Sustainable textile processes

■  Chemical management

Arthur Ruan
B. Sc. Textile Chemistry

Company Assessor

Arthur has ten years of experience in product development for dyes and auxiliaries with a world-leading company.

■  Textile chemistry especially dyestuff

■  Regulations after China EHS, product/chemical safety

■  Product development

■  Product stewardship

PhD Chemistry

Head of Chemical Company Service Asia

Kevin worked at a commercial testing institute for ten years and has extensive knowledge of restricted substances.

■  Textile chemistry

■  Consumer safety

■  Product stewardship

PhD Chemistry and Material Science

Head of Chemical Assessment

Michael spent seven years working for a private textile and automotive company, and two years in research and development with a chemical company.

■  Textile/materials chemistry and manufacturing

■  Assessment of chemical products and materials

■  On-site assessments

■  Process improvements

This is how it works

Our full-service solution for sustainable production

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