The bluesign® SYSTEM unites the entire textile value chain to reduce impact on people and the planet. Building on over 20 years of experience in the textile industry, we are a full-service solutions system with a focus on sustainable chemistry.

With a holistic approach, we work together with our system partners including brands, manufacturers and chemical suppliers, to develope unique solutions — Join us as a partner as we accelerate sustainability in our industry.

Adrian Huber, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Mammut

The holistic Bluesign approach helps us measure our impact, set clear targets, and reduce our environmental impact significantly where it matters the most; in the dyeing and finishing processes. We are proud to have increased the share of Bluesign products to over 60% in the past ten years. Our goal is to achieve 90% by 2025. Bluesign is pivotal in achieving our ambitious sustainability and climate targets


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