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With this newsletter, we are pleased to inform you about the following topics:

  • fourthbluesign®conference 2015
  • Our participation in upcoming tradeshows
  • Information and presentation for bluesign® brand system partners at ORS winter and ispo
  • Market entry fashion and home textile
  • bluesign® website available in additional languages
  • Phase-out of long-chain C8 repellents
  • Introduction of new bluesign® system partners

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fourthbluesign®conference 2015

Our biyearly international bluesign® conference will take place on July 13/14, 2015 in St.Gallen. Again top-class speakers from science and industry will speak under the motto “The Blue Way!”. bluesign technologies is proud to welcome Prof. Dr. Gunter Pauli, founder of The Blue Economy and Zeri institute, and David de Rothschild, adventurer, environmentalist and the founder of MYOO and Xplore, two highly renowned personalities for the key note speeches.





Meet us personally at one of the following tradeshows



Frankfurt, Germany, January 14-17, 2015, booth no. 4.1 FOY06 and GAL.1 N01A (Green Village)


Outdoor Retailer Show

Salt Lake City, January 21-23, 2014, hotel Hilton, room salon III (lobby level)


Munich Fabric Start

Munich, Germany, February 2-4, 2015, room K4, booth no. 8 (Eco Village)



Munich, Germany, February 5-8, 2015, booth no. C2.400


Preview Daegu

Daegu, Korea, March 11-13, 2015


Intertextile Apparel

Shanghai, China, March 18-20, 2015


Performance Days

Munich, Germany, May 13-14, 2015


For appointments in advance please get in contact with Mrs. Jeanette Trunz, Team Assistant (




Meetings for bluesign® brand system partners

During Outdoor Retailer Show, Salt Lake City, January 21st, 2015, 6pm - 7.30pm

Hilton SLC Center, 255 South West Temple, Seminar Theater

During ispo, Munich, February 6th, 2015, 2pm – 3pm

Hall B4, room B41, 1st floor at south side of the hall (atrium-side)


Topics for both meetings:

bluesign® criteria for brands

bluesign® brand tool kit

Chemicals Management – MRSL

We look forward to seeing a large number of bluesign® brand system partners.

For your questions regarding the brand meetings please get in contact with Mrs. Jeanette Trunz, Team Assistant (




Market entry fashion and home textile

bluesign® goes fashion

Blue is the new color of fashion, sustainability “en vogue”. The bluesign® system is the solution for a more sustainable fashion, whether it’s Haute Couture or Fast Fashion. Check out our services for the fashion industry at or send an e-mail to for further information.


Sustainably comfortable at home

Sustainability has never been more relaxed. For the consumer at home, but also for manufacturers and brands of home textiles. By acting responsibly with the support of the bluesign® system the resource consumption and the impact on human and environment can be reduced. Check out our services for home textiles at or send an e-mail to for further information.



bluesign® website available in additional languages

Our website has recently been made available in German and Chinese.




Phase out of long-chain C8 repellents by bluesign® system partners end of 2014

Following the intention of the EPA PFOA Product Stewardship Program and with regard to the toxicological profile of PFOA (a trace impurity of long-chain telomere chemistry), long-chain C8 repellents have to be phased out by bluesign® system partners in textile manufacturing latest until end of 2014. That means that from January 1, 2015 no long-chain perfluorinated chemicals will be available in the bluesign® bluefinder. At the same time it is important to mention that the positive list of bluesign® approved chemical products (bluesign® bluefinder) includes plenty of short-chain DWR products and more than 25 fluorine-free products, which all can be used as alternatives to the long-chain perfluorinated chemicals.

New brands


PUMA SE (Germany)

PUMA is one of the world’s leading Sports Brands, designing, developing, selling and marketing footwear, apparel and accessories. PUMA offers performance and sport-inspired lifestyle products in categories such as Football, Running, Training and Fitness, Golf, and Motorsports.






Brooks Running (USA)

Brooks designs and markets running-specific performance footwear, apparel and accessories in more than 60 countries worldwide.




New chemical suppliers



Founded 1971 the company produces mainly scouring emulsifiers for pretreatment, flame retardants, anti-bacterial agents, insect-repellent agents, functional finishing agents and dyestuffs for the textile industry, as well as auxiliaries for the paper production and a wide range of fine chemicals.



Website: N/A



Farbchemie Braun KG (Germany)

Farbchemie Braun KG and its affiliates Synco Chemie AG, Avellis Synco Leather GmbH and Avellis Synco Leather Swiss AG is a Germany based dyestuff manufacturer for the textile and leather industry.






Microban International, Ltd. (USA)

Microban is a global technology and marketing company dedicated to enhancing high quality consumer, industrial and medical textile products with branded built-in protection from microbes. Microban International licenses the Microban® global brand name, sells custom-engineered compounds, and provides a range of services, including regulatory and marketing support.






SUN YANG PIONEER Co., Ltd (Taiwan)

The company is supplying preparation, dyeing, resin and functional finishing auxiliaries to the general textile industry.



Website: N/A



Bolger & O’Hearn (USA)

Founded in 1969, Bolger & O'Hearn is a family owned company that manufactures and distributes over 2,500 specialty chemicals for the non-woven, paper, and textile industries.







Dong Lim has been supplying auxiliaries to fiber spinning, knitting, weaving, coating and dyeing manufacturing companies for over 40 years.






Sierra Color and Chemicals (USA)

Sierra was founded in 1976 by Les Parrish and is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. The company manufactures specialty chemicals for the textile industry.



Website: N/A

New textile/fiber/accessories manufacturers and assemblers


J.G. Knopf’s Sohn GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)

Knopf’s Sohn is a dyeing, finishing and coating plant for woven and knitted fabrics.







Established in 1965 the company has its own dyeing, finishing and coating facilities. Mikwang produces high functional synthetic fabrics (WP, MVTR, DWR and PFC-FREE DWR) for high end outdoor brands.






DOBERT TEXTILE GRUP, S.A. and IBQ Fabrics, S.L. (Spain)

Dobert is a vertical textile company based in Barcelona. This vertical structure allows end to end control of the entire process; from design to the final finishing process.

IBQ is a manufacturer of technical fabrics for workwear and sportswear, which can be used for producing technical shirts, pants, protective garments and reinforcement applications.


Contact Dobert:

Website Dobert:

Contact IBQ:

Website IBQ:





Shinpung manufactures different fabrics such as Nylon/Spandex, Nylon/Polyester stretch fabric, 2 layer & 3 layer fabrics.






Huashengda Zipper (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd (China)

HSD is an integrated zipper manufacturer. The in-house manufacturing includes tape and teeth production, mould making, slider die-casting, dyeing, painting, assembling and sewing. For testing HSD has its own laboratory.






TaeOh Corporation (Korea)

TOC designs, produces and exports functional and technical woven and knitted fabrics for outdoor sports wear.






Toyota Tsusho Corporation (Japan)

“Gelanots®“ is Toyota’s main brand supplying a wide range of synthetic woven fabric with waterproof, high breathability and down proof qualities for the outdoor and fashion market.







The company’s major focus is on providing technical and functional woven and knitted fabrics for outdoor apparel, as well as active and extreme sportswear.






Grandetex Development Co., Ltd (Taiwan)

The company is a supplier specialized in functional fabrics for sportswear and outdoor apparel made from Nylon, Polyester and their blends. Based on customer needs fabrics with high-tech functions such as polyurethane coating, waterproof/breathing coating, breathable lamination, wicking and UV-cut functions have been developed.

Grandetex also offers sports, ski, work wear and garments for indoor use as e.g. yoga clothing.




Background information bluesign technologies ag


Swiss-based bluesign technologies ag was founded in 2000. Since then, the bluesign® system has been adopted by different worldwide leading textile manufacturers. Various significant key players of the chemical and machine industry rely on the bluesign® system. Finally well-known brands of the sporting clothing and fashion industry rely on the extensive knowledge base of bluesign technologies. SGS holds a stake of 80 % in bluesign technologies ag.


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