M.I.T.I. spa

M.I.T.I. Spa is a vertically integrated Italian mill specialized in warp knitted stretch fabrics for activewear. The company has been founded in 1931 and it is still managed by the same family that founded it almost 85 years ago. M.I.T.I. Spa finishing and dyeing mill is based in the north part of Italy and its yearly production is above 7 millions meters of fabric.It’s main point of strength are the high level of the technology used in the knitting and dyeing process. M.I.T.I. has adopted the most updated warp knitting technology with its last generation of fine gauge looms  and the newest dyeing and textiles finishing equipments in its own mill. The company is rewarded worldwide as the leading  innovative mill for technical fabrics highly appreciated in all the high demanding active sports markets such as cycling, cross country skiing, triathlon and all the endurance sports which require high performing fabrics for high performance athletic apparels. It’s wide range of products includes poliammide/elasthane and poliesther/elastane warp knitted and circular knits stretch fabrics as well as 100% poliammide and 100% poliesther warp knitted and circular knits non stretch products. Both group of products are offered in colors or in white prepared for print. M.I.T.I. has developed during the years a number of specialties and exclusive fabrics which have a major position in the activewear segment of the market such as the Superroubaix® and the Thermoroubaix® stretch brushed back fabrics which have become a referring point worldwide.The brands Mititech®Thermal and Mititech®Power complete the company product proposal with a full range of genuine compression performing fabrics for athletic apparels (Mititech®Power) and a complete family of brushed back stretch fabrics (Mititech®Thermal) which include the two new launched fabrics Arrowind™ and Winterfit™ with unique technical characteristics .


M.I.T.I. Spa , beyond all the efforts oriented to the research and development of new products and new fabrics, has always been since the beginning of its history deeply oriented towards awareness and respect of nature.These aspects combined with the commitment of the board and of all the M.I.T.I. staff strongly oriented towards eco-sustainability in textile production has led M.I.T.I since 2009 to the ambitious target of the full Bluesign® certification for all the fabrics produced in the mill. This ensures – among other benefits -a significant reduction of the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.The water used in the dyeing process is fully depurated without involving chemical substances. Modern treatment plant means that the water leaving the dyeing department can be entirely recycled in agriculture.


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