Fronter Int'l. Co., Ltd. & Honstar (Huizhou) Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.

Fronter Int'l. Co., Ltd. & Honstar (Huizhou) Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.

Fronter/Honstar - 

The 1st functional garment assembler among bluesign® system partner in the world


Fronter/Honstar was founded originally in Taiwan and then moved the production bases to China later.  


Fronter is the headquarter and sales office, which is still located in Taiwan.  Honstar is one of Fronter's factories with direct investment, located in China.  Fronter takes charge of coordination, logistic, resourcing and developing to serve the customers.  We attribute the growth to the total customer satisfaction concept, well-structured management and unparalleled quality assurance system.  In addition, since years ago, we have been devoting ourselves to environmental protection orientation by manufacturing eco products.

The philosophy of Fronter/Honstar originally focuses on sustainability, which also motivated us to become a bluesign® system partner.  For us, all developments should be long-term and integrated with social and environmental aspects.  The bluesign® standard is just right to tackle the problem at its roots.  Instead of focusing on finished product, all input streams - from raw materials, to chemical components, to water and energy resources - need to be analyzed.  Both Fronter/Honstar and bluesign® have the same notion by coincidence in EHS aspects.  


With the bluesign® standard, Fronter/Honstar can intelligently manage all upperstreams and effectively reduce the ecological footprint generated from the products.  The instrument of bluesign® standard provides transparency in the entire supply chain and has the textile industry openly communicate the EHS commitment towards the consumers.  In the long run, we affirmatively believe that EHS commitment and the goal of sustainability can sustain Fronter/Honstar a leading position in textile industry.  This will even be leading Fronter/Honstar to more promising future through positive environmental and consumer safety benefits.




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