Asahi Kasei Fibers Corporation supplies worldwide markets with its original technologies and unique fiber materials developed through ninety years of experience in manufacturing of original yarn, spun fiber, and fabric. 


Our operations are centered on four businesses – Roica™, cupro, nonwovens, and nylon 66 filament. Roica™ spandex is an elastic filament marketed around the world. Cupro is the world's only one fiber. Our nonwovens include spunbonds produced from a variety of materials. And our nylon 66 filament is mainly used for automotive applications. We continue to develop new technologies and products that will open the future.


Our functional textiles mainly used for active sports clothing are manufactured with our unique raw materials above mentioned and our unique fabric technologies. 


 Amid today's dramatically changing business environment, remain focused on continuing to meet the needs and earn the trust of customers in accordance with our motto of Fine Answers Now. It is the Asahi Kasei Group Values of Sincerity, Challenge and Creativity that constitute the backbone of this spirit. Fully aware of our social responsibility for the environment, safety, and resource conservation, we endeavor to be a company whose value is truly recognized by our stakeholders. 


We are committed to continuously meeting your expectations as we evolve as a dynamic and appealing company that creates new value for society. 


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