Screening of Production Sites

  • Evaluation of complexity of production site (processes and chemistry) by means of a questionnaire
  • Signing of screening agreement
  • Evaluation of inputs (fibers, chemicals, dyes, energy, water)
  • Analysis of production processes regarding resource efficiency
  • Control of occupational health and safety aspects
  • Evaluation of outputs (air, water, waste) including end of pipe situation
  • Control of compliance to local laws and regulations
  • Report of all findings including action plan to comply with bluesign® criteria


  • Signing of bluesign® system partner agreement
  • All mandatory aspects of the action plan have to be implemented, such as
    • Replacement of dyes and chemicals
    • Measurement of in- and outputs
    • Installation of new equipment to reduce or eliminate emissions
    • Change of parameters for better resource efficiency
    • Changes to improve working conditions

Certification of Products

  • Approval of product ranges and articles by cross check of production recipes and by spot tests concerning potential risks
  • Approved products will be listed in the bluesign® blueguide, the database used by brands and garment manufacturers to select products manufactured in a sustainable way


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