Benefits for manufacturers

The bluesign® system partnership offers the following benefits for manufacturers:

  • Enabling the manufacturers to successfully manage complex EHS situations and regulations
  • Installation of chemical management system
  • Solution oriented approach based on Input Stream Management
  • Compliance with most common “Restricted Substances Lists” (RSLs)
  • Business to business (B2B) opportunities with the company profile published in the blueguide
  • Positive image due to use of trademark “bluesign® approved”
  • Possibility to label products as bluesign® approved

Services for manufacturers

The following services are included in the bluesign® system partnership for manufacturers:

  • EHS-assessment of all components in use
  • Evaluation of the end-of-pipe (waste water, waste, air emission and work place situation)
  • Data acquisition and balancing of resources
  • Benchmarking: Indication of resource and cost saving potentials
  • On-site bluesign® screening
  • Screening report with recommendations considering the local situation
  • Access to the bluesign® bluefinder for the easy selection of safe products
  • Implementation of bluesign system in the manufacturing process including end-of-pie (waste water, air emission, waste and work place situation)
  • Permission to use the trademarks “bluesign® approved” and “bluesign® system partner”
  • Publication of company profile and certified articles in the bluesign® blueguide


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