Zenith Colour Chemical Corporation

Zenith Colour Chemical Corporation

Zenith Chemical Industries Co.,Ltd. was established in August 2000 by Mr. Joseph Chang, the owner of Zenith Color Corporation, Taiwan. 

Total investment was US$18,000,000 projected for producing high quality disperse dyes on high light fastness, high washing fastness and luminous fluorescent dyes fields. 


Zenith Color Corporation, Taiwan founded in 1974 with meritorious multinational company experience for about 40 years, such as Mitsubishi Chemical Japan, Cassella, Hoechst, Bayer, and DyStar of Germany. Zenith has accumulated all synthetic technologies, finishing technologies, as well as professional knowledge for textile application, and was developed into its own core competence for contribute to the textile industry in general.

Hence in 2000, Zenith decided to set up a manufacturing plant in China to produce products which meet their high quality standard.

Zenith Chemical is now supplying products to the general textile industry with 

        serious quality control on standardized strength

        standardized shade

        excellent fine dye particle size to ensure best leveling property

        recipes with excellent lignin dispersant to ensure excellent dispersion properties for low-medium-high temperature


        excellent speck-test-result

        excellent anti-dusting effect 

        ecologically friendly finished products that are matching with all ecological regulations.


Zenith controlled the production technology of more than 400 different product items. 


The essential goal for Zenith is to achieve the highest global standard of product quality, prioritizing the company’s image by comparative advantage of product quality, the advanced management concept, and full scope service for the customers.  Therefore Zenith is very proud to be bluesign certified since 2013.


Zenith Chemical welcomes friends from all over the world to visit and discuss the possibility of cooperation.


Chun-Yen Liu, Zenith Chemical Industries Co.,Ltd.


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