Jintex Corporation Ltd.

Jintex Corporation Ltd.

Jintex joined bluesign since 2009 as a system partner.  Jintex being the first chemical supplier in Asia 

to be a bluesign system partner, has more than 90 textile auxiliaries able to achieve 

requirement by BSSL.  Our customer can choose from the list in the bluefinder and produce bluesign approved products.

bluesign not only helps manufacturer achieve environmental in the air and land 

but also reinstate the blue, clean water in which we live in.  


Jintex offers variety of bluesign certified products to enable dyehouses to find easily compatible products which meets

bluesign requirements.


Jintex could say that bluesign system is the prophet of textile industry not only beneficial to business

but also to the safety of our environment.


David Juang, CEO, Jintex Corporation Ltd.


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