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Benefits for chemical suppliers

The bluesign® system partnership offers the following benefits for chemical suppliers:

  • Easy homologation of  chemical products with the bluesign® bluetool and dedicated support
  • Transparency regarding compliance of the chemical products with common “Restricted Substance Lists” (RSLs) and with SVHC candidate list from REACH
  • the bluesign® system substance list (BSSL) as comprehensive list of restricted substances considering common RSLs
  • Reduced risk concerning consumer safety issues
  • Wide acceptance of the bluesign® approved chemical products by business partners and by retailers and brands
  • Access to bluesign® bluefinder – an internet platform for promoting the products to manufacturers
  • Increased competitiveness due to high EHS level
  • Expansion of the business relations via the bluesign® community
  • Additional sales opportunities
  • Indication of process optimization potential
  • Access to bluesign® blueguide – an internet platform for manufacturers

Services for chemical suppliers

The following services are included in the bluesign® system partnership for chemical suppliers:

  • Access to the homologation tool “bluesign® bluetool” including training for the use (for companies with more than 20 products)
  • Access to the chemical products database “bluesign® bluefinder” for presentation of the homologated products of the company.
  • Preparation of a report for each product based on the system partner EHS data (only for companies with less than 20 products)
  • Homologation of the products including bluesign’s decision on their compliance with the “bluesign® system substance list” (BSSL)
  • bluesign® trademark license for use of „bluesign® approved” for labeling of homologated products and „bluesign® system partner” for the company
  • Re-audit within 3 years for re-evaluation of the EHS situation


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