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Input Stream Management requires working with partners from the chemical industry. To make sure that the bluesign® criteria are met, the EHS (Environment, Health & Safety) knowledge of the chemical industry partners is reviewed and audited on site.


The homologation of the chemical components according to the bluesign® system and their publication in the bluesign® bluefinder show that the chemical supplier is a reliable partner for potential business partners.

Safety through the bluesign® system

Tools such as the bluesign® bluetool or the bluesign® audit help suppliers of chemical products to satisfy the constantly changing demands of manufacturers, retailers and brands. In addition, EHS inquiries and individual RSL references are reduced since the BSSL (bluesign® system substances list) automatically excludes all harmful substances listed in the relevant RSLs. This saves unnecessary workload and associated costs. The chemical expertise and the manufactured products are certified by bluesign technologies ag as an independent entity.

Increasing competitiveness

Due to the high EHS level of the product, wide acceptance by retailers and long-term preservation of the product’s innovative value, bluesign system partners can set themselves apart from their competitors. At the same time, they secure their market potential within tomorrow’s textile industry because their actions are environmentally sound, preserve resources and serve the interest of the end-consumers.

EHS in combination with a production that preserves resources will soon become another critical factor of economical success. As a bluesign system partner, companies can react effectively and proactively to the inevitable development of requirements and announced legal regulations. With bluesign technologies ag as their partner, they set themselves apart from manufacturers, who have no or merely poor EHS structures, securing their long-term success.

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