Mountain Equipment Co-op

Mountain Equipment Co-op

In 2005, MEC committed to moving beyond product-specific compliance initiatives towards a systemic chemicals and resource management approach of our supply chain. This systems approach is geared upstream—on the design, specification, and material input stages of MEC’s product manufacturing activities. To achieve measured progress at a supply-chain level, MEC sought out and became an early adopter of the bluesign® system, an internationally recognized management system that focuses on environmental health, workplace safety, consumer safety and resource efficiency in textiles manufacturing.


We needed to move beyond well intended dialogue to meaningful actions with measured improvements. bluesign technologies ag and the growing global community of bluesign® system partners represents an aggregate of global expertise aligned on a common objective of measured continuous improvement.However, there is no quick fix and no one company can do this alone. We’re in it for the long haul. We believe that taking responsibility for the products we make is the right thing to do, and is more than just a passing fashion.


Participate in change … be part of the solution … join the bluesign® system!!!


Greg Scott, MEC Materials Development and Sourcing Manager


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