Jack Wolfskin

Jack Wolfskin

We are an outdoor company and as such, we love the nature and the great outdoors. As a matter of course we try to act as sustainable as possible to preserve our nature and living environment. For us it was a logical step to join the bluesign® system in 2011 in order to ensure consumer safety and of cause occupational health and safety, wastewater emission, air emission and resource productivity throughout the whole textile supply chain. With the help of the bluesign® system, we have built a deep knowledge of all our supply chain partners and can be sure that they have a comprehensive chemical management system in place. As a consequent step, we have the aim to get our whole fabric supply chain bluesign® approved until 2020. We are at home outdoors. Our earth is simply the most beautiful place in the universe and we only have this one. We do everything we can to protect it and bluesign® system helps us with our mission.

Melanie Kuntnawitz 

Head of Vendor Control

Janina Schlabitz

Manager Product Certification 


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