Helly Hansen AS

Helly Hansen AS

Helly Hansen early recognized the value of the bluesign® concept in driving change and awareness in our own organization, with customers, among consumers and in our industry. The partnership is a significant step in the company’s sustainable strategy.

We are committed to catalyzing and driving change in the world of design, development, materials and production. In the pursuit to eliminate hazardous substances and come up with new, sustainable materials we recognize bluesign® as one of our most important partners to move towards our environmental vision.


The basic idea behind the strategy is to encapsulate aspects of consumer safety, water and air emissions as well as occupational health in a single concept under the general objective of resource productivity. In order to enable reliable assessments of the extent to which particular raw materials or components are safe for humans and the environment while also conserving resources to the greatest possible extent, bluesign® has developed the principle of homologation. Raw materials and chemical components are investigated and classified on this basis. Consequently, the problem is solved at its root. 


Helly Hansen is gradually reducing the influence on the external environment, within our daily business as well as guiding our suppliers to a long-term sustainable development.


Bodil Brännström, Technical Services Manager

Antje Fehling, Senior Fabric Manager


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