Benefits for brands

The bluesign® system partnership offers the following benefits for brands: 

  • Sound EHS performance in the supply chain which includes elimination of critical substances in the supply chain and from final products, as well as the implementation of EHS standards in the supply chain on mill level.
  • Risk management concerning consumer safety issues (currently approx. 900 chemical substances covered by the bluesign® system substances list [BSSL])
  • Trust and improved image at consumer level
  • Transparency and credibility
  • Global sourcing tool for fabrics and accessories which meet the highest resource efficiency and environmental protection criteria (bluesign® blueguide)
  • Expansion of business relations via the bluesign® network
  • Constantly up-dated bluesign® system substances list (BSSL)
  • Added value by using the label “bluesign® system partner”

Services for brands

The following services are included in the bluesign® system partnership for brands:

  • Support in the implementation of EHS standards in the supply chain
  • EHS Management Guideline
  • Access to the bluesign® blueguide a web-based database of “bluesign® approved” fabrics and accessories as well as manufacturers with approved products
  • Use of the „bluesign® system partner” logo
  • Option to sign an additional trademark agreement for the use of the product label “bluesign® product”


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