Brands take responsibility for putting the bluesign® system into effect. In cooperation with bluesign technologies ag, the brands’ targets are outlined and their implementation in the supply chain is developed. To the end-consumer, this complex sustainable process becomes visible by labeling merchandise with the bluesign® product quality seal.


Setting the highest standards regarding environmental and consumer protection means gaining security and sovereignty as well as respecting the client’s trust. As a bluesign system partner, the trade benefits from the confidence provided by this quality seal and improves its image as a responsibly operating market participant.

Transparency and credibility

The future of the textile business lies in the hands of those sustainability-oriented brands, which carry products guaranteed harmless to both human beings and the environment. Besides conventional quality factors such as functionality, quality or design, aspects like environment, health and safety and the associated sustainable sense of responsibility are crucial for the brand image. The bluesign system provides the necessary authority and credibility.

Trust and improved image

The bluesign system guarantees that products carrying the certification label are made exclusively of a combination of components and processes that are harmless to human beings and the environment. This creates trust in a brand and reinforces its positive image. Furthermore, the blueguide grants access to the latest information and materials on EHS topics relevant for the textile industry. Brands as well as retailers benefit from their transparency and responsibility.

Tool for global buying

With its global network, the bluesign system as a quality seal enjoys broad support. Since it follows the strictest and most advanced regulations and laws worldwide, it is also internationally recognized and allows for easy worldwide buying. purchasing is optimized and the risks for the brands are reduced with the utilization of already tested and certified materials.

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