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bluesign® blueguide for brands and retailers

Advanced database of sustainable textiles


The easily comprehensible database for brands and retailers contains data of bluesign® approved fabrics. Textiles manufactured from bluesign® approved fabrics meet highest criteria with regard to resource efficiency and environmental impact. In addition, bluesign® blueguide offers you detailed information about the environment, occupational health and safety as well as consumer protection.


  • Easily comprehensive web-based database containing data of textile manufacturers and their certified fabrics
  • Advanced search function for manufacturers, textiles, semi finished goods, and accessories
  • Constantly expanding EHS know-how section
  • Updates of the latest easily comprehensible textile-relevant EHS information for brands and retailers


  • Have access to bluesign® approved fabrics
  • Be fully informed about environment, health and safety issues
  • Use a powerful instrument for purchasing sustainable textiles, accessories, and trims
  • Verify company status and certified textile products
  • Benefit from increased safety, transparency and reliability
  • Find textile manufacturers and suppliers

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