Criteria for Homologation

INDUSTRY Criteria Homologation

Criteria for Homologation

The threshold values for substances in applied chemicals include detailed risk assessments according to the principles of sustainability. For the practical evaluation, the strictest calculated value will be decisive. An auxiliary will not only be evaluated according to its individual contents, but also on its environmental impact regarding the complete process chain. Its specific application within the process also is considered in the assessment.


The bluesign® system consists of ratings for each applied chemical component based on the criteria described above. This evaluation and rating process is called homologation. In accordance to the specifications the complex eco-toxicological information is clearly and easy-to-use categorized:

  • “Blue” category: components meet all of the bluesign® criteria and requirements
  • “Grey” category: components shall only be used under certain appropriate conditions
  • “Black” category: components do not meet the bluesign® criteria

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