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The bluesign® system - Managing Inputs. Responsible Actions.

The bluesign® system reduces the environmental impact concerning the entire textile supply chain. With its holistic approach the Input Stream Management provides an efficient solution for chemical suppliers, textile and accessories manufacturer as well as fashion brands. Stating the principles and monitoring the implementation of the bluesign® system, bluesign technologies ag encourages the textile industry to increase their efforts in sustainable processes.


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5 bluesign® principles

Resource productivity

Resource productivity defines the ecological and economical priorities for meeting the challenges in textile production, the added value of the bluesign® system.

Consumer safety

Due to its holistic approach the bluesign® system meets highest requirements to provide consumers both ecologically high-quality textiles and a clear conscience.

Water emission

The bluesign® system aims at the reduction of water pollution by eliminating hazardous chemical substances and fostering the use of state-of-the-art waste water treatment systems. 

Air emission

Active climate protection includes the use of low-emission components as well as optimizing the energy consumption and strictly monitoring emission limits relevant to the whole process chain.

Occupational health and safety

Strict guidelines concerning the use of more sustainable chemical products along the entire textile supply chain have positive impacts on the working conditions of bluesign® system partners.


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