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We accelerate sustainability in our industry!

Chemical suppliers, textile manufacturers and brands along the entire production and supply chain benefit from the services and effective network we offer. By joining the bluesign® SYSTEM you: increase the sustainability performance of your products, minimize negative impacts on people and the environment, optimize your profitability and save costs through resource efficiency, work in a network of the best in the industry and expand your business excellence and build trust.

Minimizing risks

What makes the bluesign® SYSTEM so unique? Using Input Stream Management, environmentally damaging substances are eliminated right from the beginning. Other standards certify end products based on sample tests without observing the chemicals used in manufacturing. Moreover, the production conditions are unknown.

Within the framework of the bluesign® SYSTEM, all of the chemicals used are subject to a risk assessment based on the concept of the best available technology (BAT) and the manufacturer is advised on minimizing risks to people and the environment. The correct use of the chemicals as well as the protection of people and the environment are thus delivered during on-site implementation. As a result, the risks to the end user are reduced to the absolute minimum. The bluesign® SYSTEM is a chemical management system for systematic minimization of risk.

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Sustainable performance

Beyond the minimization or risk, the bluesign® SYSTEM ensures that system partners continue to increase safety measures when using chemicals, optimize processes with regard to resource consumption, and adapt product design to reduce environmental burden. With that in mind, the bluesign® SYSTEM serves to improve the sustainable performance of companies.

Economic advantage

In the future, all companies will have to show their sustainability performance and prove that their business produces minimal impacts on people and the environment because consumers are showing an increasing interest in products produced in an environmentally friendly way.

Adherence to specifications is ensured while costs are simultaneously reduced by using and being part of the bluesign® SYSTEM. This is a true competitive advantage for chemical suppliers, manufacturers of textiles and accessories as well as brands.

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bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNERS meet strict criteria with regard to resource efficiency, work safety, and environmental and consumer protection, and exclude the use of the substances in the bluesign® SYSTEM SUBSTANCES LIST (BSSL) from their production process.

Are you a part of the system?

Increase the sustainability of your company

The bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNERSHIP offers a comprehensive, transparent, and traceable service package for chemical suppliers and convertors of textiles and accessories, as well as brands. Interested?


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