BLUESIGN® CUBE — Your Portal to sustainable textiles

bluesign® CUBE

The bluesign® CUBE is your portal to sustainable textiles, providing individual tools for daily business. Five applications assist you with the easy and smooth implementation of the bluesign® SYSTEM

The cloud computing solution is designed to interlink verified data in a systemic way in order to create qualified information for efficient enterprise decisions with reduced risks. Data of over 25,000 chemical product risk assessments combined with over 2,000 company site assessments result in hundreds of thousands of materials that are compliant to the bluesign® CRITERIA and the basis of thousands of bluesign® PRODUCTS.

NEW bluesign® TOOL

We just launched the next generation of this web application to perform multidimensional assessments of chemical products used in textile and related industries

Chemical products are rated in six individual modules regarding their impacts on workers, consumers and the environment which increases rating transparency and supports chemical suppliers in the design of safer products. It combines hazard-based elements with risk-based individual calculations based on substance and product properties as well as process and application parameters. As a new feature a GHS module has been implemented. Chemical products are rated and even banned depending on their UN GHS classification.

bluesign® XPERT

This is our web-baed productivity calculation tool for manufacturers. Allowing process calculations with bluesign® APPROVED chemical products and benchmarking with verified best practice processes

A vast pool of expert knowledge generated over decades which is available online, provides information on environmental impact before production starts. The bluesign® XPERT is the solution for managing processes in terms of impact on the environment as well as resource and cost saving.

bluesign® FINDER

This web-based advanced search engine is for manufacturers who upload chemical products that meet the bluesign® CRITERIA. It also contains all important information needed to impelemnt these products in complience with the bluesign® SYSTEM

This is the most comprehensive positive list of chemical products available. It is regularly updated and provides relevant infromatoin for minimizing risks for people and the environment while improving cosumer safety. This application is the solution for responsible chemical sourcing management.

bluesign® GUIDE

The Guide is a comprehensive database for garment manufacturers and assamblers as well as brand and retailers listing bluesign®  APPROVED fabrics, accessories and trims.

Textile products produced using bluesign®  APPROVED fabrics and accessories meet the highest criteria regarding resource efficiency and impact on people and the environment. In addition, the bluesign®  GUIDE contains extensive information on the environment, occupatioinal health and safety as well as consumer protection.

What can bluesign® CUBE do?

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