Bluesign® TOOL with advanced methodology for chemical assessment’

14. November 2022

The new bluesign® TOOL launches with an advanced methodology for chemical assessment

We just launched the next generation of our web application to perform multidimensional assessments of chemical products used in textile and related industries.

Based on ingredient composition, hazard properties, process and application data it provides a holistic assessment of impacts on workers, consumers and the environment. With these functionalities this science-based tool is unique on the market. Developed with bluesign’s vast knowledge and experience concerning industrial processes in textile and related industries, the new release of the bluesign® TOOL sets a new standard in the assessment of chemical products.

Chemical products are rated in six individual modules which increases rating transparency and supports chemical suppliers in the design of safer products. Calculations are done individually based on substance and product properties as well as process and application parameters.

A purely hazard based approach aims at cutting out most dangerous substances (e.g. SVHC, CMR substances and all listed BSBL substances) independent from the application. In addition, the bluesign® TOOL includes risk-based elements by calculating several exposure scenarios to assure consumer safety (adherence to consumer safety limits), safety at the industrial workplace (adherence to legal occupational exposure limits) and environmental protection.

As a new feature a GHS module has been implemented. Chemical products are rated and even banned depending on their UN GHS classification. Applying a new categorization system (similar to REACH) the assessment is open for other industries. The assessment methodology is described in the bluesign® CRITERIA for chemical assessment v3.0, available for download on the Bluesign webpage.

A third-party review of the advanced methodology for chemical assessment had been performed by Oekopol GmbH in Hamburg. See summary report here: Oekopool Report on the NEW TOOL The full report is available on request. Please contact

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