Our Statement on
LICENCE TO GREENWASH REPORT by changing Markets Foundation

As an organization working to reduce environmental impacts and improve worker health & safety across the supply chain, we welcome critiques such as those outlined in the recent report from Changing Markets Foundation. It is these commentaries that push the industry as a whole to improve operations, reduce its impact, and encourage collaboration. One organization alone cannot make the systemic change needed. It takes the cooperation of all stakeholders and we are proud to work with many of the companies reviewed in the report.

Bluesign is a full-service sustainability solutions system for the textile & apparel supply chain with an expertise in responsible chemistry. At Bluesign, we work with our System Partners to develop individual roadmaps to continuously improve environmental performance, working conditions, and resource consumption to create the highest level of safety for people, planet, and consumers. System Partners range from chemical producers, textile mills, apparel manufacturers and brands that implement the bluesign® SYSTEM.

While Bluesign works directly with brands, the CRITERIA applied to all System Partners are not dictated by outside influence, but they are regularly improved upon. The bluesign® SYSTEM should not be categorized as a “certification” as it is an implementation process with specific time-bound goals created for each individual Partner that are monitored for achievement including periodic on-site assessments. While Bluesign does have a labeling program, those are awarded to materials (bluesign® APPROVED) and end-products (bluesign® PRODUCT) have to meet the strict bluesign® CRITERIA, which are published on our website.

Our recent work announcing the first mill Impact Results is just the first step in communicating our work with our partners and we are exploring further ways to make more information available to the public.


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