We Celebrate ERCA's Brand REVECOL®: Transforming Waste into Sustainable Fashion with the help of Patagonia and YKK

Today, we proudly announces a groundbreaking development that is set to revolutionize the fashion-making process. ERCA, a key player in the sector and an Italian innovation-driven chemical group, has introduced a game-changing innovation under the brand name REVECOL®.

January 2024 marks the official birth of ERCA TCS (Textile Chemical Solutions), a business unit of ERCA S.p.A. with a focus on the textile market

The decision to give birth to ERCA TCS comes from the desire to be a unique and innovative reference point for ERCA’s customers, with products and services designed specifically for the needs of today’s textile industry, grappling with the challenges and opportunities of sustainability and responsible production.

ERCA TCS bases its activities on the principles of “Green Chemistry” with the aim of offering the textile industry chemical solutions that make the concepts of safety, performance and circularity a reality.

The chemical auxiliaries of ERCA TCS are the result of a vision that incorporates responsible innovation, continuous research, and a desire to offer to the market effective yet ethically, environmentally, and economically sustainable solutions.

Fabio Locatelli, member of ERCA S.p.A. explains: “Our goal is to make ERCA TCS a reference point for sustainable innovation and help reduce the environmental impact of the textile industry by adopting innovative and truly sustainable solutions and services. A commitment to people’s well-being and responsible use of our planet’s resources has always been part of our DNA. We are always looking for innovative solutions through the development of products that are increasingly high-performing, competitive and sustainable at the same time”.


REVECOL® by ERCA represents a paradigm shift in textile auxiliaries. This revolutionary line of chemical products is bluesign® APPROVED and derives its strength from the upcycling of a critical waste material: vegetable exhausted cooking oil. The result is a complete, safe, certified, and high-performing range of auxiliaries that promises to reshape the industry.

This innovative approach by ERCA not only underscores their commitment to environmental responsibility but also elevates their status as pioneers in sustainable textile solutions. By harnessing waste materials and turning them into valuable resources, REVECOL® addresses the ever-pressing need for circularity and sustainability in fashion production.


"The launch of REVECOL® by ERCA is a monumental step forward for the textile industry," states Fabian Walda, Head of Sustainability Services at bluesign. "This breakthrough innovation perfectly aligns with our mission to create a more sustainable and responsible fashion-making process. ERCA has indeed filled a crucial gap with this initiative."

REVECOL® serves as the missing piece to boost sustainability and circularity throughout the fashion-making process. ERCA's unwavering commitment to innovation, safety, and environmental protection is embodied in this product line, making it a symbol of progress in an industry striving for a greener future. We at bluesign applauds ERCA for its vision and dedication to transforming the industry. REVECOL® by ERCA is more than just a product; it's a testament to the positive change that can occur when sustainability and innovation converge


bluesign's Carbon Footprint Calculation Reveals Remarkable Results

Thanks to our carbon footprint calculation and bluesign verified data, we are thrilled to announce that the carbon footprint of REVECOL®LV-TS is 72% lower than conventional chemical auxiliaries produced by ERCA. ERCA takes pride in being the first company in the world to have GRS certified chemical products, paving the way for circular chemical solutions, while also being bluesign APPROVED.

Matt Swartz, Patagonia® Color and Material Quality Manager, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "We saw an opportunity to build a partnership with ERCA, an innovator who was pushing the boundaries of sustainability, and match them with an existing partner, YKK, that consistently delivers high-caliber, quality goods and services. Through thoughtful consideration, we designed our approach and conversion to REVECOL® LV-TS to have an outsized impact from the start. The real success is seeing this go beyond Patagonia® products and spread across supply chain partners, brands, and consumers. This is one domino to fall in how we do business to save our home planet."

Mike Maekawa, Sales and Business Development Manager of YKK Vietnam, says: “We are thrilled to be part of this unique 3‐way collaboration,exemplifying how true upcycling on a massproduction scale is made possible at   the center of garment manufacturing. We look forward to the expansion of REVECOL® across the entire textile industry,” As part of its Sustainability Vision 2050 YKK is constantly working to deploy more sustainable chemical processes in its production. REVECOL® is not only more sustainable it is also more efficient,reducing the use of the dyeing auxiliary by 20% to 30%, helping to lower YKK’s overall chemical usage.


Development of the REVECOL® Line by ERCA's Textile BU

The REVECOL® line was developed by ERCA's Textile BU, which includes a research and development center, production facilities, quality control laboratory, and application laboratories and technical assistance. This levelling agent was registered together with bluesign and approved by European Union IPPC as a Best Available Technique for textile industry and is listed accordingly in the BAT reference Document (BREF). Fabio Locatelli, Head of BU Textile and shareholder of ERCA, emphasized the company's commitment to people's well-being and the planet's resources, stating, "We are always looking for innovative solutions through the development of products that are increasingly high-performing and sustainable at the same time. Our goal is to be a point of reference for sustainability and help reduce the environmental impact of the textile industry by adopting truly sustainable innovative solutions and services. We aim to counter the 'Greenwashing monster' that often uses communication or marketing strategies that tend to present activities as eco-sustainable. In short, our aim is to counteract a facade of ecology. If you can't prove your claims, you are not credible, and this is unacceptable to us."


Dedicated Research and Development for Product Credibility

To ensure the value and credibility of their products, ERCA dedicates significant work, expertise, and time to research and development. Each product undergoes 6-8 months of study and fine-tuning, followed by an additional 6 months for fundamental analyses such as biodegradability and aquatic toxicity, conducted at specialized centers. bluesign’s third-party verified data is then obtained to independently testify to the real measure of the value of these products.


ERCA Spa Achieves GRS Certification

ERCA Spa, with the REVECOL® range, is the first chemical company in the world to obtain the prestigious GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certificate, conferred by Textile Exchange, one of the most important non-profit organizations promoting responsible and sustainable practices in garment manufacturing.

bluesign Supports ERCA's Groundbreaking Development

bluesign enthusiastically supports the groundbreaking development achieved by ERCA with the introduction of REVECOL®. As the gold standard for more sustainable textile production, we are dedicated to promoting innovative and sustainable solutions in the industry. With ERCA's REVECOL® and the collaboration of leading companies like Patagonia® and YKK, the possibility to reduce the environmental impact of the textile industry becomes more attainable.


The following report details the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) analysis performed by bluesign® ACADEMY on the following chemical products manufactured by ERCA S.p.A. in Italy:

REVECOL® LV-TS and STD LAUGAL HLT. For example these products are comparable in terms of function and performance, whereas REVECOL® LV-TS utilizes approximately 40% recycled feedstock in the chemical formulation. STD LAUGALHLT relies solely on virgin feedstock. This product carbon footprint analysis measures the environmental impact in terms of the overall global warming potential (GWP) of the products along their life cycle from cradle to customer.

The unit of measure: CO2-equivalent (CO2-eq). A carbon dioxide equivalent or CO2 equivalent, abbreviated as CO2-eq is a metric measure used to compare the emissions from various greenhouse gases based on their globalwarming potential (GWP), by converting amounts of other gases to the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide with the same global warming potential.


In conclusion, the product carbon footprint calculation at hand shows that the GWP of REVECOL® LV-TS is significantly lower than the GWP of STD LAUGAL HLT. It is clear that the main reason for this is the replacement of virgin feedstock with recycled feedstock in the chemical formulation of REVECOL® LV-TS. It can be concluded that REVECOL® LV-TS has about a 72 % lower GWP compared to STD LAUGAL HLT.



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