Chemical Expert Group

Initiated by BLUESIGN, the Chemical Expert Group was launched and its first meeting was held on April 2, 2019. The knowledge and experience of the qualified chemical experts from bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNERS will provide expertise that will drive excellence and sustainable solutions in the industry. The new platform, which replaces the Chemical Working Group, involves the following objectives:
  • Regulatory oversight and evaluating relevance to the textile and related industries 
  • Discuss substance candidates for restriction / ban 
  • Define restricted substances, limits, testing methods 
  • Drive chemical change management 
  • Keep chemical assessment up-to-date 
  • Support the creation of a chemical roadmap for the bluesign® system 
  • Prepare the Chemical Expert Report to communicate achievements and plans

The impartial platform for expert discussions will accelerate actions for proactive chemicals change management and will create practical solutions for the industry.

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