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bluesign® CRITERIA revision 2019

At BLUESIGN we never stand still when it comes to achieving our vision and mindset of responsible and sustainable manufacturing of textile consumer products. In recent months we have invested efforts in revising the bluesign® CRITERIA. The revision comprises various changes with the aim of making the bluesign® CRITERIA both more feasible and aligned for the textile industry and its related segments.

Please note that these draft documents of the revised bluesign® CRITERIA have neither validity nor applicability. The current bluesign® CRITERIA are valid until further notice.



To improve our criteria and ensure transparency, BLUESIGN conducts a consultation, where stakeholders are kindly invited to engage in this standard-revising process by providing their expertise and opinion.



  • Look at the revised bluesign® CRITERIA drafts for stakeholder consultation above
  • Fill in your comments and proposals in the feedback form below and submit it latest by September 12, 2019 to




If you need any further information do not hesitate to write us:

It is not mandatory to fill out the form completely and single comment(s)/proposal(s) can be made. Since this stakeholder consultation takes place for the first time, feel free to comment in general on the bluesign® CRITERIA.
Afterwards bluesign® ACADEMY will evaluate the submitted feedback and develop an updated draft of the bluesign® CRITERIA. Each sender/feedback provider receives a reply with explanations to what extent the provided feedback was considered and could be incorporated.
Final decision making remains at BLUESIGN.
Due to the current revision of the chemical assessment methodology of the bluesign® TOOL and the following peer-review by independent third-party experts, bluesign® CRITERIA for chemical assessment (Homologation) and the related Annexes are excluded from this consultation.
In addition, the revised Guidance sheet Chemicals Management and Chemical Change Management at manufacturers, which is related and therefore relevant to the bluesign® CRITERIA is subject of this consultation.
All figures and flow charts will graphically be improved.