It started 20 years ago, with an idea for a responsible textile industry.  

The idea became the Bluesign mission: to provide service-based solutions that help the industry realize responsible manufacturing,  globally.  THE BLUE WAY is a mindset towards advancements for supply chain inputs and outputs. From improvements in resources and chemical usage to emissions and waste reduction – THE BLUE WAY creates a positive impact and better textiles. As global society begins to catch up, we are taking our momentum into the next 20 years.

We look forward to walking the walk together with you.

Environmental Solutions 20 Years Ahead of Their Time

Know your input. Understand your output. Input Stream Management: An idea 20 years ahead of its time.

BLUESIGN was established by a Swiss textile company that developed a process allowing for the lowest possible environmental impact, an increase...


ISPO and Bluesign have a long relationship. BLUESIGN launched its first product produced with the trademark bluesign® in 2001.

Pioneering the Mindset Shift About Environmental Chemicals

Together with leading chemical suppliers, BLUESIGN developed the world’s first MRSL. This was followed by the introduction of the first comprehensive chemical positive list. Both of which are still in use today to evaluate and prevent environmental and human risks.


Technological Breakthrough for the Industry: Search Engine for Responsibly Produced Materials

The bluesign® GUIDE was introduced. This bluesign® SYSTEM Input Stream Management provided a search engine that allowed converters and brands to replace expensive and time-consuming end-sample testing.

This industry breakthrough introduced the...

BLUESIGN Hits the Consumer Market

Together with VAUDE, the first ever BLUESIGN label was released on the market.

EU Chemical Law and SGS Investment Triggered Growing Interest in Sustainable Solutions

EU REACH laws recognized the need for human and environmental protection from chemical risks. REACH solidified the long-established BLUESIGN mentality of a best practice approach without economic compromise.

In 2008, SGS...

Launch of World’s Most Extensive List of Chemical Substances

bluesign® SYSTEM SUBSTANCE LIST (BSSL) was introduced with more than 900 chemical substances and 600 banned substances relating to the textile industry.

A chemical management approach...

From the Outdoors to the Runway

The outdoor industry forged the path for sustainable fashion. Through its direct interaction with nature, the outdoor industry recognized their impact on the environment and society much quicker than those in the fashion industry. The bluesign® SYSTEM, using Best Available...

Benchmark for Chemical Product Stewardship

A benchmark was set within the industry based on the publicly available criteria developed by BLUESIGN. This benchmark determined the most important step for chemical management in order to reduce the negative environmental and human impact. These criteria have since been implemented...

500 Partnerships Working Towards Sustainability

500 partners strong! 133 chemical suppliers, 370 manufacturers, 89 brands and 2 industry machine firms recognized the need for an increased systematic approach towards sustainability. These companies, using the proven...

The Sustainable Need for Data Transparency

Data became king. The consumer demand for utmost transparency and supply chain traceability was met with the launch of the bluesign® CUBE. This platform allows for verifiable measures on eKPIs and simplifies system standardization...

Future Trends in Sustainable Textiles

The market is changing faster than ever before. The impact on the environment and society reflects these changes. Consumer awareness is increasing and consumer demands on the market speak volumes. 

How do you foresee the upcoming trends...

Let’s be 20 years ahead.

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