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DIALOGUE San Francisco

REGISTER NOW. This partner event in the new bluesign DIALOGUE series will focus on measuring and communicating sustainable progress.

The following major topics will be among those presented and discussed:


  • Circular Economy and Chemistry:
    The sustainability “hot topic” of late has been developing your organization’s “circular” strategy - yet something is always left out of the picture. Businesses need to cut through the hype and get a deeper understanding of how chemistry can be both an enabler as well as a deterrent to a truly circular way of operating.

  • Incorporating Accurate Environmental Impact Measures:
    The holy grail of sustainability is attaining, understanding, and ultimately reducing environmental impact through the use of relevant and accurate environmental Key Performance Indicators (eKPIs). This is easier said than done, however. Get a better understanding of the depth with which Bluesign approaches this task in order to produce relevant, granular, and accurate measurement that drives action.

  • Chemical Management, Bluesign and major industry initiatives:
    Many methods are emerging to predict, measure, report, and otherwise manage the chemicals found in products and the supply chain. Learn where the bluesign SYSTEM fits in with major industry initiatives—optimizing the effectiveness of all chemical management across the supply network.

  • Reducing Emissions “Takes a Village”:
    It can be easy to overlook some of the biggest risks in the supply network—emissions. These can be solid waste, air, and water-based emissions. Learn what the issues really are and hear about some of the best practices, including why collaboration up and down the supply chain is needed to manage or mitigate the risk.


This event is intended for corporate responsibility managers, marketing managers, as well as experts in the fields of environmental and chemical management for all stakeholders in the textile value chain including chemical suppliers, manufacturers, converters, and brands, as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Meet the people involved throughout the value chain of textiles, get the latest knowledge and exchange know-how about responsible manufacturing with the experts from Bluesign.

More information will follow soon.