Testimonial - Formosa Taffeta Co. Ltd.

Formosa Taffeta Co. Ltd.

Founded in 1973, Taiwan, Formosa Taffeta Co., Ltd (FTC) is one of the most prominent woven textile manufacturer in the world, and also the first Asian bluesign partnership company to receive the bluesign® Award who gear their production to the bluesign® standard guarantee their direct customers and the consumer that, throughout the entire manufacturing chain, only those components and processes are used which are safe for humans and the environment.


With the commitment of green textiles, FTC developed a complete products range, from fabrics for fashion wear, sports wear, to high performance functional outdoor gear. We focus on innovative technology that can not only guarantee our clients a excellent products, but a product that can ultimately be the benefit for the environment and people as whole.   


James M.C. Lee, Vice president of Formosa Taffeta Co., Ltd.


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