To achieve the targets of the bluesign® system, namely responsible use of resources, clean processes with controlled air and water emissions, safe processes for the workers and safe products for consumers, we focus on controlling all inputs (“input stream management”) and all processes in the mills.


With the selection of approved chemical products (see site “chemical suppliers”) manufacturers lay the foundation to comply with the stringent criteria set by the bluesign® system. A screening of the production site evaluates responsible use of necessary chemistry, working conditions, environmental impacts and water and energy streams. A detailed screening report provides an overview of all findings and an action plan concerning compulsory changes before products could be approved according to the bluesign® system. These actions could be: exchange of harmful chemistry, changes in operations, installation of air and water cleaning systems, improvement of workers safety and an overall improvement of house-keeping.


After implementation of all actions, a further check of production recipes leads to approval of selected products manufactured in the screened site. 

Process for Manufacturers


Screening of Production Sites




Certification of Products



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Accessory manufacturers

Trims like buttons, zippers and buckles, fillings, labels, transfer logos, threads, tapes

Membrane manufacturers

Foils and semipermeable membranes

Fiber manufacturers

Man-made fibers with incorporated features and colors

Textile manufacturers

Spinning, weaving, knitting, nonwovens, dyeing, finishing, printing, coating, and laminating


Sourcing, trading, and selling of semifinished goods

Garment manufacturers / Assemblers

Cut & sew, assembling


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